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By | February 9, 2021

Use the SpotLight feature for Transnet Container Tracking that allow to track and trace the vessel, cargo, contaiiner to truck.  Transnet SOC Ltd, managing a vast transport network, came into being in its present form in the 1990s, but its seeds were sown long back. Ever since the road, rail, harbor, and later, aviation sectors began to thrive, the multiple services were integrated into South African Transport Services (SATS) in 1981. SATS went to achieve company status and became Transnet SOC Ltd.

Transnet SOC Ltd


Container Tracking

The Transnet has developed SpotLight tool that allow to track and trace the container. All you need is the SpotLight App that allow to track Transnet container, cargo and trucks in real time.

Another option to track the container is to call the customer care of Transnet at +27 11 308 3000 and they will assist you to locate the current shipment.

In keeping with updates in technology, Transnet launched its tracking app called Spotlight. Available in both Android and Apple devices, this app helps customers to track and trace the container. It also provides valuable information regarding trucks and vessels across all the terminals of Transnet. Customers will also receive updates regarding changes in weather conditions, port congestions, and any sudden changes in schedule.

About Transnet

Since its inception, Transnet has focused on continuous innovation to keep pace with the ever-changing international logistics scenario and to stay ahead of the competition. It has made substantial investments in overhauling and restructuring its infrastructure to meet and exceed customer expectations. Transnet has been a key player in not only international logistics – but also in the development of the economy of South Africa.

With its various growth-driven initiatives, Transnet is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the global logistics arena. The company is repositioning itself and redrawing its business strategies in the face of the technology-driven, fluid international freight domain. The key to growth, as per the company, is the regular improvement of operational efficiency to achieve reliability of service.

Integrated logistics and servicing newer markets will drive growth for the company. Transnet is focusing on developing more and more logistics hubs and also looking at further digitization of business. The company is venturing into strategic partnerships with key global performers to achieve further operational efficiency and also risk reduction.

Transnet has become an inseparable part of South African daily life in some way or the other. The company seeks to improve the community where it operates and also facilitates the continuous growth of its employees. It wants to empower the nation and the people through its top-of-the-line logistics services.


Transnet Freight Rail – This is Transnet’s largest division. With almost 25,000 employees spread all across South Africa, the division connects with all major railways across the continent. Its rail infrastructure is close to 80% of the total of Africa. Through multiple strategic business units, the company is among the top railway service providers in the entire continent.

Transnet National Ports Authority – This division provides port infrastructure management and maintenance and other marine-related services. It serves the 8 commercial seaports in South Africa. It also takes care of the regulatory functions at the ports.

Transnet Port Terminals – This division handles the container sector, agricultural bulk, and mineral bulk sectors. The key customers are agricultural and forest product organizations, vehicle manufacturers, the mining sector, and minerals exporters.

Apart from these, Transnet also has engineering, pipelines, and property divisions.

Headquarter Address

Waterfall Business Estate
9 Country Estate Drive

Customer Support

Following is the contact number of Transnet that you can use to connect with the customer service:

Telephone Number: +27 11 308 3000
Email id:

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