List of Top Shipping Companies in Denmark

By | January 24, 2020

If you are based in Denmark and looking for reliable Shipping Companies then you should continue reading this. Denmark has gained a reputation as a seafaring nation with cutting edge innovation and an excellent regulatory framework.

The nation acts as a significant trading point across the Baltic Sea. The geographical features of the country foster the growth of maritime trade. Denmark is gifted with 400 islands and a total coastline of 7000 km. Consequently, maritime transport is a valid source of its national income. Denmark has consistently ranked among the top 10 global maritime nations. Currently, it is the fifth-largest maritime shipping nation. Denmark’s Maersk Line is the largest shipping company of the world. It is equipped with about 600 ships and connects with 100,000 customers worldwide.

Shipping companies in Denmark

Global marine transport is progressing gradually due to the growth in international trade. Denmark offers amenable conditions for maritime companies from all around the world. By entering the maritime industry of Denmark, an investor can explore the dynamic ecosystem of shipping and offshore development. The maritime cluster of Denmark works in association with established companies, universities, authorities and other affiliate groups to form a cohesive unit. The latest technologies are integrated into its operational systems.

Baltic Shipping Company A/S

Baltic shipping company deals in transporting cargo and providing specialized logistics services. It’s headquarters are in Hundestead, Denmark. The firm is equipped with high quality and durable equipment, ensuring quality control of cargo. It has a fleet of about 40 modern dry cargo vessels. It’s vessels are able to navigate in touch waterways. There is an assurance of timely reach.

In order to track consignment, customers may call at +45 3996 0800

Headquarter Address: Ved Isefjorden 24, 3390 Hundested, Denmark

Maersk Agency Denmark

Maersk is known to provide reliable shipping and cargo services worldwide. The firm was established in 1904. Its headquarters are in Aarhus, Denmark. It serves 121 countries with the help of 300 ports. With its online services, it meets the emerging trading challenges. It is known to develop innovative supply chain solutions. The warehousing facilities are equipped with advanced systems and facilities.

In order to track consignment, customers can call on the number +45 8934 8000

Headquarter Address: Hedeager 5, 8200 Aarhus, Denmark

Damco Denmark A/S

Damco is known to offer expert solutions in the sectors of fashion, retails, chemicals, FMCG and technology. Its headquarters are in Padborg, Denmark. It serves 40 countries of the world. Damco is known for its reliable freight forwarding solutions. The ocean and air freight forwarding team have experts to ensure timely delivery of shipment. The company employs 2000 qualified people in its team. It delivers about 664 TEU of ocean freight on an annual basis.

In order to track consignment, customers can call on the number +45 8931-6100.

Headquarter Address: Sommervej 31, 8210 Aarhus, Denmark

Nagel Denmark

Nagel Group started off in the year 1916 with only 3 employees. Presently it has grown in capacity and network. It has a unique network with connections within Denmark and abroad. Its headquarters are in Padborg, Denmark. The company currently employs 11,000 people.

Customers can track consignment by calling on the number +45 74 30 74 30. Alternatively, they may drop a query to the email id

Headquarter Address: Thorsvej 19, 6330 Padborg, Denmark

Clipper Group

Clipper Group is a privately owned company with expertise in dry bulk shipping. Its headquarters are in Kobenhavn. It has its own chartering and operations team. It also provides flexible shipping solutions including bread and bread bulk, parcel services and steals cargo. It was established in 1992. Since its incorporation, the firm has grown steadily to emerge as the leader in dry bulk. It operates 150 bulk carriers.

In order to track a shipment, customers can call on the number +45 49 11 80 00.

Headquarter Address: Sundkrogsgade 19, 2100 København, Denmark

Msc Denmark A/S

Mediterranean Shipping Company is a global leader in container shipping. MSc provides services in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Its headquarters are in Aarhus, Denmark. Services include Dry cargo and project cargo.

In order to track a shipment, customers need to access the ‘Track a shipment’ section and then enter the booking number or Container Number in the slot. Alternatively, customers can call at +45 86 20 39 00.

Headquarter Address: Vandvejen 7, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

Niels Winther Shipping

Niels Winther Shipping is a privately owned company. It is based in Esbjerg, Denmark. This independently-owned firm was established in 1931. It provides maritime services including warehousing and logistics services. It has been serving as a prominent player in offshore oil & gas logistics.

Customers can get in touch with the customer care department using the number+45 75 12 83 55.

Headquarter Address: Nordre Dokkaj 1, 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark

Team Tankers Management A/S

Team Tankers International owns a modernized chemical tanker fleet. Its headquarters are in Hellerup, Denmark. The firm ranks as one of the top ten chemical tanker operators. The firm focuses on quality, safety, proactive approach and customer aspirations. Its fleet is equipped with 44 chemical tankers, including coated and stainless steel vessels.

In order to track consignment customers can call on the number +45 39 97 03 00.
Headquarter Address: Strandvejen 58, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

Fredericia Shipping A/S

Fredericia Shipping corporation was incorporated in the year 1973 by Neils Anderson Its headquarters are in the port of Fredericia. It’s main business areas include bulk shipping, container, logistics, and terminal services. Fredericia Shipping works in partnership with Schultz A/s. Presently, it has grown up to be a significant logistics and terminal operator. In order to track a shipment, customers can call on the number +45 76 20 20 20.
Headquarter Address: Møllebugtvej 5, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark

Danish Transport Company A/S

Danish Transport company operates within Scandinavia as well as the rest of Europe. Its headquarters are in Padborg, Denmark. It was incorporated in 1991. It provides quality warehousing and logistics solutions. Services include time-critical and temperature-controlled transport transportation of valuable foodstuff. The firm is supported by a flat organizational structure and looks ahead to expand its business portfolio. In order to talk to the customer care department regarding details of the awaited shipment, customers must call on +45 74 67 08 00.
Headquarter Address: Hermesvej 18, 6330 Padborg, Denmark

Unifeeder A/S

Unifeeder was founded in 1977 by Peter Bohrisen and Tony D. Paulson. Its headquarters are in Aarhus, Denmark. Presently, it is the largest of all feeders and short sea networks in the whole of Europe. The specialty of the firm lies in its ability to simplify complex tasks of choosing and managing supply chain routes. Thus, it is able to provide efficient and sustainable transport.

In order to track a shipment, clients can call on the number +45 88 83 00 00.
Headquarter Address: Tangen 6, 8200 Aarhus, Denmark

Wrist Marine Supplies A/S

Wrist Marine is based in Norresundy, Denmark. The firm operates globally through its branch offices in Europe, the Far East, Middle East, and North America. The firm provides 30 operations in total. The firm has a global approach to business.

For all types of services including navy, marine, offshore and land services, the company is open for its customers. The company employees from 1,600 employees from all around the world. In order to track a shipment client can call on +45 98 13 72 77.

Head quarter Address: Stigsborgvej 60, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark

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