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By | December 23, 2020

Sudu is one of the best companies that belong to Hamburg Sud group.  As quality is the first and foremost criterion in its range of services, first class quality and strong focus on customer-care with personal attention to every need of the personal requirement of the customer make Sudu’s presence strongly felt among its competitors.  The Company has more than 250 offices around the world and a branch in every corner of place.

Hamburg SUD

As the prominent givers of world-wide marine transportation, the Company offers door-to-door logistics services from one source. As the brand, giving reliability, quality, and flexibility, Sudu remains till date one of the most reliable providers of containerized services.

Tracking SUDU Container

Use the Hamburg SUD Container Tracking by entering the B/L number of Container booking number. You can also drop an email or contact them over customer care number to find the shipment status.

Follow the below steps to track your cargo in transit;

1) Enter the Booking or B/L-number

2) Select the Date From and To

3) Click on Find button

4) This will show the current container shipment status

Hamburg sud tracking portal

Go to this page to find live status.

Another option to track the SUDU container is to drop an email to and they will provide up-to-date status within 2 working days.

Sudu Container Services

  1. Dry Cargo service– The Company transports almost everything in container. Be it port to port or door to door delivery, Sudu could take it to the destination safely and in time. It might be any type of shipping but the standards of quality remain the same. The Company has specialists in logistics in more than 250 offices around the world.
  2. Dangerous goods– As additional safety regulations are applicable in the transportation of cargo, Sudu calibrates every transportation of dangerous cargo individually. The Company has its regional group of experts to plan and follow transportation of dangerous cargo. The Company assigns a particular dangerous goods officer to every assignment of dangerous goods transportation. The clients have found out that the Company is trust-worthy in every aspect of risky transportation of dangerous goods.
  3. Verified Gross mass– As in July 2016, verifying gross mass of every transportation became compulsory, Sudu invariably calculates the same as it adds to the safety and security of every transportation during voyage. In its website, it could show off as to how every calculation of VGM takes place.
  4. Reefer Cargo – Whether the cargo consists of perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, or flowers, transportation of such sensitive goods requires a non-stop temperature controlled transportation. Being one of the top suppliers of temperature controlled reefer transportation in the world the Company is thorough about every aspect of reefer transportation.
  5. Inter-modal services – Sudu could make the delivery of cargoes possible at every door. The Company is aware of the ports and terminals in its core markets. It has engaged partners to offer tailor-made logistics, customized correctly to the needs of the clients.
  6. Containerized Services – Be it dry cargo, temperature controlled reefer consignments, or out-of-gause consignments, the Company could provide every type of container for the transportation of such cargo. It has 5,80,000 dry, reefer, and special containers and the flexibility to reach the customers, whenever there is an occasion for demand for transportation by containerized services.

Sudu Container Headquarter Address:

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft A/S & Co KG
Willy-Brandt-Straße 59–65, 20457

Mailing Address:

Postfach 11 15 33,
20415 Hamburg

Customer Support

For queries related to existing or new booking, you can contact to the Hamburg SUD customer support team at below number:

Phone number: +49 40 37050, +49 40 37052400
Email id:,

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